The Immortality of the BMW 635

It is so fascinating to know that a car brand can still retain its value after so many years. Many models have not survived the number of years the BMW 635 has existed. You can still find the original owners (who have refused to sell) driving their BMW 635’s in the neighbourhood with a look of pride and satisfaction on their faces. They are probably thinking about those good old days and how ‘unnatural’ it seems that everything still works perfectly.

The BMW 635 is so special because it was developed to replace the BMW CS3.0 in 1978. Before its production, the BMW 630 existed, but rather than upgrade it; the designers decided to introduce a luxury model, the bigger and more powerful BMW 635CSi.

The first generation BMW 635’s were exotic, desired by the very rich and classy members of the society. The model featured a 5-speed gearbox, 218 hp. and 5200 rpm engine which had a short stroke and large bore.

A big change was made in 1982. The engine of the BMW 635 was remodelled. The new engine now featured an engine with a smaller bore and larger stroke; it is the 3430 engine, with a 5-speed wide ratio gear available in auto or manual settings.

The BMW 635 CSi from the first generation to the fourth featured top speeds ranging from 213 to 222, and an average 0-100 km/h, sec. of 8.1. The owners of this beauty never fail to commend the exquisite upholstery of the car which adds to the luxury experience of this machine.

The fourth generation BMW 635 still feature models from the first generation such as the convertibles and the Gran Coupe. The sporty 2-door or 4-door options that have been maintained properly over the years are always ready to take on any challenge on the road.

Talking about immortality, many owners of the BMW 635 CSi will confirm they feel confident in going on long road trips with their grand tour coupes or 4-door models without a worry. They look forward to making a grand entrance at any occasion driving in their high pitched V6 engine BMWs.

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