Aston Martin DB5

Often known as “the most famous car in the world” of its time, the Aston Martin DB5 was a stunning luxury grand tourer. A British car made by Aston Martin and designed by the Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, it was released in 1963 as the successor to the DB4.

Design and Enhancements
In matters of look and design the Aston Martin DB5 was very similar to the DB4. The most significant changes being under the hood. The DB5 boasted a 4.0-litre all-aluminum DOCH Straight six engine, compared to the 3.7 litres one from before and the bore was increased to 96mm. A new ZF 5-speed transmission system was installed, along with three SU carburettors. This gave the DB5 282 bhp and forced the car to reach 145 mph. This was what came with the DB4 Vantage version, and now it was the baseline for DB5. The ZF 5-speed transmission could be alternated with a 3-speed Borg-Warner DG automatic transmission and later on a model 8 of the same company. It must be noted that the company opted for original 4-speed manual transmission, but this was very soon dropped.
This magnificent car came equipped with reclining seats, wool pile carpets, electric windows, twin fuel tanks, chrome wire wheels, oil cooler, magnesium-alloy body built to Superleggera patent technique, full leather trim in the cabin and even a fire extinguisher.
By the end of 1965, the car had three variants for drivers to choose from.
DB5 Vantage: The Aston Martin DB5 Vantage is high-powered DB5 debuted in 1964. It features three twin-choke 45DCOE side-draft Weber carburettors and also a revised camshaft profile. This delivers much greater top-end performance but cuts down on the overall flexibility of the car. It produced 325 bhp at 5500 rpm.
DB5 Convertible: In total 123 convertibles were produced. The roof could also be replaced with an optional steel hard roof-top.
DB5 Shooting-Brake: The prototype Aston Martin DB5 shooting-brake was custom built by the factory for the owner David Brown. After that 11-12 more coupes were produced by coachbuilding firm Harold Radford.

James Bond
Regardless of how fast or stylish the DB5 is. What made this car rise to fame was undoubtedly the use of the classic in the “Goldfinger”. It was used by James Bond. Special effects experts John Stears turned the car from just a very stylish and beautiful car to something that became many a schoolboy’s dreams.

The Aston Martin DB5 was regarded as the most beautiful Aston Martin ever produced. The timeless design still ranks high in the class even today.